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Psychological Services

Therapy is transformative and challenging.  I create a safe, nurturing space that allows growth to unfold.  Together we will develop trust, explore, face challenges, and build new pathways to help you thrive.  I will provide you with the tools that empower you to make the changes you are ready to make. 

I look at how past relationships and experiences are impacting the present.  Sometimes, it is hard to put a finger on how or why this is happening.  I can offer a different perspective, support, and encouragement.  Once we figure out where the undesired patterns are coming from, we will actively work to create long-lasting change. 

What to expect

Our first session will be different than subsequent ones.  The first time we meet, we will review the paperwork you completed prior to our meeting, discuss expectations, and I will ask a lot of questions to gather a comprehensive history.  We will identify what you would like to focus on during our time together and develop goals.  For ongoing sessions, we will meet for 50 minutes.  I will provide space for you to transition into and out of session.  I may ask you to focus on a task or skill for the upcoming week, and I will ask your feedback on how that went the next time we meet.

How often are sessions?

Usually we will meet once a week for 50 minutes.  It is important that you attend consistently.  Therapy is hard work, and it is not as effective if we do not meet regularly.  Sometimes, people ask to meet more often (ex. if they are in distress) or less often (ex. if they are getting close to ending therapy).  During our first session, we will collaborate on what works best for you. 

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