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Experience Change with
Dr. Teresa Yanez

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Feeling lost? Stuck? Don't see a path ahead?

It is a sinking feeling

We all know what it feels like to be stuck.  To face challenges, problems, and adversity.  We feel alone and do not know how to find our way out.  All the stress and uncertainty make it hard to sleep.   It is impossible to focus at work, get things done, and our to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.  Feeling stuck often means we feel overwhelmed and do not even know where to start.

When we are stuck, it can affect us socially.  It may hard to have the energy to meet with friends.  Sometimes, we find ourselves in the same patterns – dating different people, but the same issue comes up over and over.  Have you found yourself in several romantic relationships that were not healthy?  Sounds like you are stuck and there is something pulling you back.

Being stuck impacts our relationships with our loved ones.  Are you having the same argument over and over or sweeping things under the rug? Is it hard to connect with your children, parents, or other family members? Being stuck can also look like being too connected to your family and struggling to be independent. 

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"Circumstances determined your past, the present is embracing you, and only you can define your future."

Teresita Marsal-Avila

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How Can Therapy Help?

Having someone with a different perspective, who is there to support you is a wonderful way to prompt change.  We will work together to figure out where these patterns are coming from.  You are not alone. 

Sometimes it is a mental block, performance anxiety, a past trauma, a challenging relationship, or a loss.  Once we figure out where things started, we will work together to figure out new ways of interacting so that you become unstuck.  As a result, you will be able to thrive.

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Everyone faces challenges, but...

Not everyone learns to thrive.

Learning to thrive is a beautiful concept.  Thriving means to flourish, to be successful and prosper.  We all face challenges, yet somehow when we are down, we often feel alone.  We feel stuck.  We keep repeating the same patterns over and over.  Our relationships with our friends, significant others or family members are not what we would like them to be.

Psychological services (like therapy or a psychological evaluation) help make real change.  Long lasting and meaningful change.  I will support you, encourage you, and gently challenge you to reach your goals.  Therapy is a collaborative process –I will ask you to actively participate in your treatment (perhaps by practicing new things between session).

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How can I help you thrive?

I want you to feel successful with your relationships, with your family and at work.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have extensive experience helping people overcome challenges (including significant trauma). In addition to my private practice, I work at a non-profit agency where I supervise and train therapists.  I am certified in several evidenced based practices (which means that there have been studies that show that these types of therapy practices work).  I facilitate a supervision group for therapists who are practicing trauma therapy.  I also train therapists in MAP therapy. 

For a moment, let us put degrees, certifications, and credentials aside.  To thrive, the relationship between a therapist and a client is critical to successful treatment.  Healing happens within the context of the therapeutic relationship and it is the most powerful predictor of a positive outcome (including the type of therapy, the therapist degree, etc.).  Why? 

To get unstuck, we must first dig deep.  This requires feeling safe.  Especially when patterns have gone on for years.  It is hard, difficult work.  I create a sense of safety to help you feel secure going to those uncomfortable places that are leading to being stuck.  I am empathetic and will gently push you so that you can heal.  I will be direct, but in a nurturing, empathic manner.  When we are given feedback in this way, it is often easier for us to take in.  First you heal, then you can thrive.

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Psychological Evaluations

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I provide comprehensive psychological evaluations to dig deep and discover barriers to thriving.  I also provide immigration evaluations to help survivors of torture/violence seek asylum, hardship waivers, and N-648.  The final type of evaluation I offer is a ministry evaluation. Click here to learn more about psychological, ministry, and immigration evaluations. 

Whatever it is that is leading you to being stuck, therapy can help.  Reach out today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation.

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